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3 days ago


I’m excited - and a little sad - to tell you that Hatch has come to the end of its journey.💜

I started Hatch because I looked around and saw women unable to fulfil their potential in the workplace, businesses who were missing out on top talent due to inflexibility and old fashioned approaches. I was personally frustrated because for me, meaningful work didn’t fit around meaningful family life.

I knew I had to do something. And I’m really proud of what, with a tiny bit of funding and a huge amount of effort, Hatch has achieved with; an amazing group of volunteer Directors, a supportive husband and a wonderful extended Hatch family of freelancers.🙌

Four years on, Hatch has delivered our confidence and resilience courses in workplaces, ran two careers conferences with inspirational female speakers and supported women in 1:1 sessions. Each of these has been a pleasure and a privilege.💜

I did all this whist working a permanent job, growing a baby and bringing up a toddler! It’s been really hard at times, impossible to raise money, sleepless nights. But they’ve been made worth it by all the inspirational women I've met, each of them transforming their careers in their own way and often against personal struggles.💪

Four years on, I’m excited and energised by what’s already changed out there. Great campaigns calling for flexible working to be the norm #flexappeal #workthatworks and so many amazing mumboss role models, rocking life.

And I’m excited for me personally. Hatch was born at a time I desperately needed support to inspire, share, connect, grow from other women - and what I have learnt about this process has helped me to Hatch. I’m excited because I’ve accepted a new job which will inspire and challenge me - and allow me to continue to support people to transform their lives.

I’ve looked at lots of options. How could Hatch carry on alongside everything else, my job, my kids, my family, my sanity? And that’s where a bit of sadness comes in - it can’t. It’s the perennial tension we know so well - something’s got to give. In my case, after much soul searching, it’s Hatch.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be winding down activity and closing the website. Social media channels will stay up and if I see anything I feel would be brilliant for this beautiful tribe to see, of course I'll share. 😊

So, all that remains to be said is a huge thank you 💜 to everyone!

But especially my Hatch Directors for their unwavering support, Elle for all the amazing co-production and co-delivery experiences, Jason for your web skills, patience of explaining techy things to a non techy person, Adam for your support and faith, Chole for your enthusiasm, Jo for your research skills, Sarah for being a life-saver and rock, Natasha and Dani for your social media skills and of course every woman who came with me on this amazing roll coaster of a journey.

Its been a blast and I wouldn't change a moment. Bye, bye for now!

Sarah xxx

#MoreThanMum #ICanHatch #Mumboss
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